10 reasons to become a sponsor?

  1. The Car Care Council reports that 72% of vehicles inspected at over 400 monitored check lanes throughout the US, last year, were in need of immediate repair or maintenance.
  2. Research indicates that the astonishingly high level of neglect by vehicle owners is the result of lack of awareness, misconception, and inconsistent messages.
  3. $50 billion in vehicle maintenance and repair was not performed last year.
  4. The Car Care News Service helps to reverse the trend of vehicle neglect. Credible information is delivered to motorists through our multi-channel network that now reaches way beyond our roots in traditional print and broadcast media. The CCNS user base now includes an impressive audience of bloggers, newsletter editors, webmasters, automotive parts & service dealers, and now, even vehicle owners themselves.
  5. In addition to our newly updated and optimized web site, we distribute multi-media content through our CCNS Blog,CCNS RSS Feeds, the CCNS You Tube Channel, all leading social media networks, as well as every top content aggregator and search engine.
  6. Every CCNS sponsor receives a customized and secure “Sponsor Dashboard” that provides comprehensive management and deployment of content inventory, instantly.
  7. The Car Care News Service is the only automotive aftermarket industry endorsed and sanctioned media resource, operating continuously, since 1964.
  8. Educating motorists about the importance of proper and timely vehicle care helps conserve energy, increase highway safety, and reduce emissions, while improving performance and enhancing ownership satisfaction.
  9. The modest cost of sponsorship compared to the impressive ROI is why most CCNS sponsors continue to repeat, year after year.
  10. Automotive aftermarket parts/service dealers, as well as traditional and digital media, have an urgent and growing need for credible, dependable, copyright-free vehicle care content from a proven and trusted trusted source.
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