What is Included and how much?

CCNS offers customized sponsorship packages, tailored to fit your individual requirements and budget. Packages can be created for companies with a single brand, with one product or service, all the way up to larger corporations with multiple brands and products.

Every CCNS sponsor gets a personalized and secure “Sponsor Dashboard” to instantly manage content creation, edits, and deployment.

CCNS has an abundance of affordable resources and proven ideas to help you create effective content.

10 reasons to become a sponsor?

  1. The Car Care Council reports that 72% of vehicles inspected at over 400 monitored check lanes throughout the US, last year, were in need of immediate repair or maintenance.
  2. Research indicates that the astonishingly high level of neglect by vehicle owners is the result of lack of awareness, misconception, and inconsistent messages.
  3. $50 billion in vehicle maintenance and repair was not performed last year.

How does it work?

100% of CCNS content relates to vehicle maintenance, repair, and enhancement. All of it is copyright-free, and can be redistributed at no cost.

CCNS never force-feeds content in a shotgun approach. Our tens-of-thousands of users seek us out as a time-tested, trusted, and credible source, when they need free content for redistribution to their various audiences.

Typical sponsored content consists of print articles with photos or other supporting graphics. Videos and audio files can be deployed as well, either in support of an article, or as a stand-alone piece.

What is CCNS and who does it serve?

The Car Care News Service has served continuously, since 1964, as the leading industry resource for redistributable content about vehicle maintenance, repair, and enhancement.

Our purpose: “Provide informative content for motorists who care about cleaner air, safer highways, peak performance, reduced operating cost, and a satisfying ownership experience”.

The Car Care News Service reaches:

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