3M Helps Get the Lead Out!

Over 50 million pounds of lead per year are used in the production of wheel weights today, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). To help counter this problem, the EPA recently created the National Lead- Free Wheel Weight Initiative to help reduce the amount of lead released into the environment. 3M is pleased to be a charter member of this EPA initiative.  

3M, a producer of lead-free wheel weights and the only manufacturer of a composite-based wheel weight system, has never produced lead weights. The new 3M™ Wheel Weight System is made of an advanced lead-free composite material that 3M has specially designed to have less impact on the environment. It is also corrosion resistant so it doesn’t leave rust and stains on the wheel.  

The material is flexible and can be custom cut to the exact weight required for precision-balanced wheels, which can help improve gas mileage and provide a smoother ride. The weights are attached with a proven 3M™ Automotive Attachment Tape that has been used in the automotive industry for decades, building confidence that the weights will stay put for the long haul.  

Next time you bring your vehicle in for wheel balancing, ask for the latest innovation from 3M and keep your wheels balanced the lead-free way.  

For more information, click on www.3M.com/wheelweights, or call 800-328-1684 .

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