April is National Car Care Month. Nationwide Inspections Show 80% Failure Rate

April is National Car Care Month. Vehicle inspection lanes, conducted throughout the United States by sponsoring organizations and businesses, are part of the automotive aftermarket industry’s ongoing public awareness campaign.

Volunteers across the country conduct these events each year, with a portion of them returning their vehicle inspection forms to the Car Care Council for analysis. The most recent campaign included results from a total of 860 vehicle inspections, nationwide.

National Car Care Month inspection campaign stastics continue to underscore the need for increased consumer education. The potential effects on highway safety, air quality, cost of operation, vehicle performance and vehicle dependability are self-evident from these results. 

The vehicle failure rate for at least one part or system was 80%! This figure remained unchanged from the previous two years. This means that 8 out of every 10 vehicles failed at least one component of the vehicle inspection process.

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Vehicle Components and Systems: