Brakes Today Feel Much Better than in the Past

Vehicle braking systems have finally received the attention that they have needed for many years. Modern technology has delivered a solution for vehicles that will keep their wheels shining and brake noise to a whisper, while still allowing drivers to experience the performance they expect. Motorists can now start their weekends with a quiet ride around town instead of a morning of scrubbing brake dust off their wheels.

Ceramic brakes keep the wheels clean. Motorists are spending a lot of money on wheels; they don’t want dirt and noise – they want clean and quiet.”  reports Ken Selinger, product development manager at Akebono Brake Corporation. Today, brake pad formulations with ceramics are also the most capable friction material for controlling NVH (noise, vibration and harshness).

Today's brakes are about more than just pure stopping power. Braking noise, vibration and harshness, as well as brake dusting, are major concerns for all motorists. This situation has been exacerbated by consumer demand for more responsive, performance-orientated steering systems, which result in the driver feeling any vibration in braking much faster than before.

Ceramic Friction Technology
Global automakers have recognized that ceramic friction formulated brakes are the best option for smooth, assured, quiet braking under a variety of driving conditions. The Akebono Corporation has played a major role in the development and refinement of ceramic brake pad technology. Their 25 years of development has resulted in ceramic brakes that deliver increased performance advantages over traditional semi-metallic and other formulations.

Ceramic friction material technology was first embraced by automakers in the 1990s. Today, it is featured on a significant number of new vehicle models, as well as a broad spectrum of aftermarket replacement applications.

A Feet Solution
Ceramic brake pad material technology has also been developed for the massive fleet market. These advanced design, severe-duty brake pads lower fleet operating costs per mile and improve vehicle safety and control.

Police, taxi, municipal and federal government, commercial, limousine, and other fleet operators are constantly searching for repair and maintenance alternatives that will perform well, extend service intervals, cut costs, and reduce downtime,” explains Randy Mordue, director of aftermarket sales and marketing for Akebono. “Typically with fleets you will see higher vehicle weight and loads that require more durable material, with ceramic brake technology the fleet can be operated at a lower cost.

Put to the Test
Akebono was the first company to offer viable solutions to problematic NVH issues, which have plagued the automotive industry for years. They have made a name for themselves, over the past 25 years, as the originator of true ceramic technology in braking systems. Being widely known as the place to go for problem solving, they fully intend to stay on the leading edge of brake technology well into the future.

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