Car Covers Protect Against the Elements While Protecting Your Investment

The use of a car cover can help protect your car from a myriad of harmful factors such as sunlight, acid rain, fallen braches, etc. However, if you do not use the cover properly, you may risk the chance of damaging your vehicle rather than protecting it.

Most car covers are used to shield your car from the outdoor elements but some people use them indoors as well to protect against dust. There are three basic types of car covers: water proof, water resistant and non-water resistant. Each of these covers has advantages and disadvantages.

Waterproof car covers are usually made of plastic or a plastic coated fabric. They help keep the rain off your car but can also trap condensation between the cover and your vehicle. This trapped moisture may damage your paint more than if you had left you car unprotected.

Water resistant covers come in a wide array of fabrics and weights. Most of these covers will keep the water away as well as prevent condensation. In addition, most of those covers will prevent damage from sunlight and other elements.

The third major type of car cover is made of cotton or a cotton/poly blend. These types of covers are not water resistant and are best if used indoors.

Proper fit is important when selecting a car cover. A cover that does not fit correctly may be more damaging to the vehicle than no cover at all. If the cover is loose, it may flap against the vehicle causing scratching. The best solution is to order a custom-fitted cover for your car based on the make and year of the vehicle.

Extreme care should be taken when installing or removing a car cover. When removing the cover, make sure the cover is not hooked under the car and roll the cover up without moving the cover if possible. By doing it this way, you have minimized the possible scratching of the car as you remove it. To place the cover on the vehicle, just reverse the process and unroll along the car and fold down the sides. It is best to install a cover onto a clean vehicle. If the car is not clean, the dirt trapped between the paint and the cover can also cause scratches as the cover is installed or removed.

By researching the different types of car covers and selecting a car cover that fits your car properly, you can help protect your vehicle from the elements while protecting what most people consider their second biggest investment.