CRC FREEZE-OFF® Super Penetrant

Suspension parts on the underside of your vehicle are exposed to all the harsh elements of weather.  This is where salt and road grime accumulate.  Over time, corrosion can eat away at components and hardware in the underbody, causing them to rust, corrode or seize.

Freeze-Off Super Penetrant from CRC Industries is a unique formula that immediately drops the temperature of the area in direct contact with the spray.  The freezing action shrinks seized metal components, creating fissures and cracks through the corroded areas  enabling the superior, high purity penetrating solvent in Freeze-Off to reach deeper and work faster and more effectively than other penetrants.  Freeze-Off also contains a lubricating film that displaces water and helps prevent future corrosion. 

Apply CRC Freeze-Off Super Penetrant with the engine off.  Make sure you wear gloves for this procedure.  Spray directly onto corroded fasteners from a short distance using the straw attachment for a minimum of 10 to 20 seconds.  Maximum chilling takes place the longer the corroded part is sprayed.  Allow Freeze-Off to seep into corroded joints and surface areas for at least 1 or 2 minutes.  You can tap joints lightly to speed up the progress. Stubborn parts may require a repeat application to help the fastener break free.

This product works on seized fasteners and joints, nuts, bolts, couplings, fittings, hinges, corroded fuel lines or brake fittings, the oxygen sensor base, a variety of suspension components and more.  There are lots of uses outside your home too, outdoor plumbing fixtures, lawn and recreational equipment.  It’s great for use on metal components, locks, gates,  and even patio furniture where exposure to the elements has caused parts to rust and seize.

FREEZE-OFF® Super Penetrant Instructional Video
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