Daylight Savings Time is This Weekend, Time to Change Your Wiper Blades

Many drivers procrastinate when it comes to changing their wiper blades for them, it’s just not a priority. But the American Optometric Association reports that 90 percent of driving decisions are based on visibility. With that statistic in mind, Trico wants to emphasize to drivers how critical it is to change wiper blades regularly.

Installing a new pair will immediately improve the level of visibility and control – a benefit for both the driver and for those sharing the road. It is recommended that wiper blades or refills be changed every six months to maintain maximum driving safety. As an easy reminder, wipers can be changed at the same time that clocks are reset during the beginning and end of daylight savings time. It’s also a good idea to visually inspect wipers every few months, especially if they are exposed to severe weather conditions on a regular basis.

Temperature extremes, heavy precipitation and repetitive friction on the windshield have a damaging effect on wiper blade performance over time. A blade’s natural rubber provides the most flexible and resilient edge for wiping across glass, but it eventually dries out and deteriorates. Heat can warp the rubber, and cold can make it brittle. Sunlight, ozone and road spray can also have significant deterioration effects. Drivers should look for splits, discoloration or worn rubber. If the wiper blades show visual evidence of any damage, the driver has likely already noticed streaking and a partially wiped windshield. Noisy “chattering” also indicates deterioration, and is caused by infrequent wiper blade use or overexposure to sunlight.

Despite the decreased visibility and potential safety hazard that deteriorated wiper blades create, drivers continue to neglect changing them due to the hassles associated with this task. In fact, research indicates that 60 percent of the drivers who don’t install their own wiper blades cite difficult installation as the reason. In many cases, consumers become frustrated at the initial removal stage, using force to pry off the blades and subsequently causing damage to the hardware. Determining which adaptor to use and dealing with complicated instructions only adds to the struggle. Drivers have been found to become so discouraged, they abandon the idea of changing their blades altogether.

Because they’re manufactured with the appropriate receptor for each vehicle make and model, Trico Exact Fit® blades eliminate the fuss of complicated adaptors or instructions, allowing anyone to install a new blade in mere seconds. With Trico Exact Fit blades, taking one of the single-most vital driving safety precautions can be accomplished with a single click. Trico Products has also addressed the future of the wiper industry in both performance and styling with its NeoForm® line of blades.

The blade’s innovative design provides constant pressure to ensure a uniform wipe and also features a ‘skin coating’ that seals its aerodynamic superstructure to protect it from the elements. It reduces windlift at higher speeds and has a sleek, modern look. NeoForm blades also feature an exclusive wiping element with Teflon® surface protector for durable all-weather performance, offering a longer life and smoother wipe. The blades deliver a constant, even wipe across the entire windshield with quiet operation, and provide exclusive replacement coverage on vehicles with a number of unique wiper arm types.

Knowing the serious dangers drivers face with worn wiper blades, and also being informed about the products that make installation much easier, neglecting to change wiper blades should soon become a thing of the past for consumers.

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