Family Automotive Tips

The Women’s Board of the Car Care Council encourages women to improve their “car smarts” and pass along this information to the rest of their family. Female drivers already are on the right tract, according to the Women’s Board, who said that three out of four women think that following the recommended maintenance schedule for their car is either “important” or “extremely important.” There’s no one like a parent to teach the next generation how to treat a car with special care. A good example from Mom or Dad can impress upon youngsters that keeping a car safe and dependable rests almost entirely on the driver and her preventive maintenance habits. Here are the Women’s Board’s top 10 tips to help young motorists take care of their second biggest investment: 1.Drive sensibly. Don’t abuse the car. 2.Feed it the right stuff, like quality gas and oil. 3.Give it regularly scheduled maintenance. 4.Take care of minor problems immediately so they don’t accumulate. 5.Pay attention to ominous symptoms when you first notice them. They won’t get any better. 6.Keep your car clean, inside and out. 7.Fix dents and scratches as soon as possible. They quickly turn into rust. 8.Set a few dollars aside monthly so you’re able to pay for needed repairs. 9.Keep a log of routine maintenance, repairs and gas purchases. 10. Carry all necessary papers with you, including insurance and registration. For more information on regular vehicle maintenance, visit and click on "Service Interval Schedule."