Healthy Cars Need a Balanced Diet

Today’s vehicles are known for their longevity.  Many well-maintained engines go past the 200,000-mile mark on the original engine.

“Well-maintained is the operative word here,” says Adam Selisker, VP of Technology at CRC Industries.  “Regular oil and filter changes, replacement of critical parts and fuel system treatments should be part of the long-term maintenance regimen.  It’s part of a balanced diet for your car.”

Properly cared for, a vehicle should be safe and dependable for as long as the owner wants to keep it.  “Too often,” says Selisker, “owners become worried about passing an emissions test or they get frustrated by small annoyances and decide to sell their car instead of investing in regular or corrective maintenance.”

Drawing on the analogy of supplements, ranging from vitamins to fibers, he says engines, too, demand products that ensure long term health.  One category is fuel system cleaners, such as CRC Guaranteed to Pass® (“G2P®”) Complete Fuel System Cleaner, which leaves the carbon-clogged combustion chambers and valves clean and clear, and the engine ready to deliver full power with clean exhaust.

“Components of these fuel management and emissions control systems operate in a hostile environment,” says Selisker.  “Because accumulated carbon deposits, varnish and gums hamper their efficiency, supplementary additives such as G2P® should be incorporated into the fuel ‘diet’ every 3,000 miles to correct and/or help ensure the engine’s health.”

Selisker points out that other maintenance procedures, such as engine analysis and emissions testing, combined with necessary replacement of specific components are part of a sensible preventive maintenance plan.  These recommendations are in the owner’s manual and available in Car Care Council’s service interval schedule at

Selisker’s company is so confident of G2P® that they’ll refund double the purchase price if the owner’s vehicle fails an emissions test after recommended use of its G2P® emissions test formula.

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