How to Optimize Your Oil Change

Our cars are a substantial investment, and regular maintenance helps protect that investment.  A regular oil change is a relatively inexpensive form of preventive maintenance and helps avert premature engine wear and extend the life of your vehicle.  Recommended intervals for an oil change range from every 3,000 miles to 10,000 for newer vehicles.  Ultimately it should depend on the age of your vehicle and your personal driving habits.

Oil is the lifeblood of the engine and, over time, prolonged idle, stop-and-go driving, dirt, moisture and extreme operating temperatures can cause sludge build-up in the crankcase.  Sludge is the breakdown product of overworked oil and forms when motor oil combines with other contaminants such as unburned gasoline, soot, varnish, carbon, water, and sulfuric and nitric acids.  If you don’t change your oil, it continues to break down from heat and wear, sludge continues to form, and your oil gets dirtier and dirtier, turning black from debris.  What does this mean to your car?  It can lead to a clogged oil filter, power and performance loss, decreased fuel economy, reduced lubrication to vital engine parts, and potential engine overheating.

You can prevent this unnecessary wear on your car by being diligent about your car’s oil changes and following the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance intervals.  To help you get even more out of your oil change, CRC Industries has developed a product called CRC MOTOR TREATMENT which may be added to motor oil as an “excellent pre-oil change clean-up,” according to Julie Williams, Marketing Manager for CRC.  “MOTOR TREATMENT should be added to your crankcase about 50-100 miles before your next scheduled lube, oil and filter service.”

When added to oil, CRC MOTOR TREATMENT liquefies built-up gum and varnish and releases carbon deposits, cleaning sticky valve lifters, piston rings and PCV systems slowly, while you drive, to prevent chunks of sludge from clogging oil flow.  Although it is not necessary to change the oil after using this product, adding MOTOR TREATMENT to dirty oil prior to an oil change will allow it’s high-strength cleaning properties to clean out the oil system, and any loosened carbon or debris trapped by the oil screen or filter will then be removed as part of the oil service procedure.

CRC MOTOR TREATMENT is also an excellent fuel system treatment and can be added to gasoline, diesel or ethanol-blended fuels to clean injectors, carburetor jets, intake valves and pistons.  “For a more aggressive fuel system cleaning,” says Williams, “MOTOR TREATMENT can be added directly into the combustion chamber through a vacuum line.”

CRC MOTOR TREATMENT is available at ADVANCE AUTO PARTS stores for $7.99.

CRC MOTOR TREATMENT Internal Engine & Crankcase Cleaner
Sludge in cam case
Extreme sludge in oil pan following manufacturer recommended intervals of 15K miles, synthetic oil
Sludge blocking oil screen pick-up on V6 Toyota Camry
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