Inventive ways to attach parts and accessories – the sky’s the limit

Automotive aftermarket manufacturers and OEM product designers are continually developing new and better products for cars. There are hundreds of items available to modify an automobile, from protective and functional to decorative and appearance. Many of these products require some method of attachment. A number use clips, screws or other mechanical fasteners, and many rely on an adhesive. Companies like 3M are constantly improving upon the technologies that make it easier and more reliable to attach parts and accessories to vehicles. Here’s a cool option: 3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners. Dual Lock fasteners have mushroom-shaped polyolefin stems that snap together, so they form a high tensile closure helping eliminate rattling and vibration, yet they can be opened and reclosed as needed. Dual Lock fasteners are used mainly to secure rigid and semi-rigid surfaces, such as sun visors, sun glass holders, interior lighting and electronic components, sheet metal/pillars, center console panels and interior trim. But they also work well for softer materials such as carpeting and pads. The applications are only limited by your imagination. Lund International recently put Dual Lock to work on its new truck bed liner called the Cargo Logic mat. Squares of Dual Lock are placed on the underside of the mat so it won’t blow around in the wind or pull up when you’re trying to load cargo, but it can be removed as desired for cleaning or in inclement weather. No one wants to hear a rattle or vibration inside the car when they’re driving down the road. Some rigid parts can shift and move around, and a product like Dual Lock can be a quick and easy fix for the problem. Dual Lock fasteners engage in any orientation, so you don’t have to worry about misalignment, premature or incomplete closure. They fasten with an audible snap, assuring secure attachment. And the fasteners can be opened and reclosed as needed. Attachment methods like Dual Lock fasteners give designers more freedom and flexibility than ever before.

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