Keep Your Wheels in Balance the Lead - Free Way

Most people know that proper tire pressure means better gas mileage and a more comfortable ride. But what about proper wheel balance?

Automobile manufacturers and tire retailers install a weight on the metal rim of each wheel when you purchase a vehicle or new tires. Traditionally made of lead, these small weights are designed to help provide a smoother ride, better gas mileage and more even tire wear.

However, there are several reasons why lead weights are becoming obsolete. As you know, lead is harmful to the environment. Lead weights are hammered into place on the rim, and can shake loose and fall off, leaving your wheels unbalanced. Rather than providing a custom fit, lead weights are only available in standard sizes; thus, the installer often has no way to precisely balance your wheels and you are left with a slightly under-balanced or over-balanced result. And over time, the use of a mechanically applied lead weight can result in unattractive corrosion and rust on your rims.

The latest products available for wheel balancing help correct these troubles. The new 3M™ Wheel Weight System is made of an advanced lead-free composite material that is designed to have less impact on the environment and is corrosion resistant so your wheel appearance is not compromised. The material is flexible and can be custom cut to the exact size required for precision-balanced wheels. And you can be confident that the weights will stay put for the long haul. They are attached with a proven 3M adhesive tape that has been used in the automotive industry for decades. Problem solved.

Next time you bring your vehicle in for wheel balancing, ask for the latest innovation from 3M and keep your wheels balanced the lead-free way.

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