K&W Trans-X® Automatic Transmission Stop Leak

The automatic transmission is a pretty incredible device when you get a chance to look inside of it.  The technology that is needed to eliminate manual shift transmission needs to have electronics and hydraulics to work in unity.  The transmission fluid flows throughout the whole transmission like oil in an engine.  It cleans, lubricates, cools and actuates the different assemblies that cause the automatic shifting to occur for thousands of miles. Rubber seals, gaskets, shift valves and clutches all must perform their jobs flawlessly or the automatic transmission is useless.

Automatic transmission fluid change intervals are much longer than that of engine oil since the fluid is not exposed to the high heat and combustion gases that engine oil is constantly dealing with.  The transmission fluid does break down due to the physical stress placed on it during normal operation.  As it wears it can no longer protect the seals, clutches and such that it is supposed to protect.  The detergents will weaken, allowing a varnish type material to start coating the hard metal parts and cylinders inside the unit.  Seals that are in place to control the flow of the fluid or lock up clutches start to harden with age, allowing fluid to leak by not applying the proper forces needed for good shifts.

When the transmission is serviced in many of today’s vehicles, the main transmission pan is dropped, allowing for some of the transmission fluid to come out of the unit.  This can amount to four or six quarts of fluid leaving another four or more quarts still remaining in the transmission.  So only about half of the fluid may really be changed normally during this service.

The detergents and additives in the new transmission oil will go to work on the build-up of varnish and hardened seals.  Adding K&W Trans-X® Automatic Transmission Stop Leak to the fluid during this normal service will further recondition the surfaces and seals inside the transmission.  This will add miles to the life of the transmission if done at each service interval.

If an automatic transmission exhibits any symptoms such as soft and sloppy shifts, shifts that are very firm and harsh, or slow engagement when placed in drive or reverse these can all be the result of a transmission’s normal wear.  As long as there are no grinding noises or other hard part issues, K&W TRANS-X added to the transmission can revert the shifts back to their normal condition possibly eliminating or delaying expensive repairs.  K&W TRANS-X is an inexpensive fix that may save lots of money when an older transmission is starting to fail. 

Because of the construction of the automatic transmission out of many individual parts, leaks can also occur at many different locations.  Many seals and gaskets are used in the building of the transmission.  As they wear and age, leaking can occur.  If the leakage is great enough to lower the fluid level substantially, erratic transmission operation will occur with major internal damage to follow.

Adding K&W TRANS-X during normal service and when needed can help prevent these leaks from occurring and even seal some of the seeping ones.

Noting that the transmission is leaking is easy due to the deep red color of the transmission fluid.  This will help you to differentiate it from engine oil and coolant leaks.  If the unit is particularly dirty and covered with grime and dirt, a first good step will be to clean off the unit.  Using CRC Engine Degreaser or Engine Degreaser Formula spray-clean the unit and allow to dry.  Making sure the fluid level is up to the right level first, take the vehicle for a drive and then reexamine the unit to pinpoint the leak.

A common leaking point on the transmission is in the cooling lines that run from the transmission to the radiator.  Sometimes simple clamps are used that loosen or just wear out.  Other times fittings are used that may just need a bit of tightening.  On older vehicles you may need to replace the hoses and clamps due to deterioration over time.  Addressing these leaks mechanically and then adding K&W TRANS-X is giving these leaks the “one-two punch.”

Transmission pan gaskets will also occasionally be a source of a leak.  Checking the tightness of the bolts holding the pan is a good place to start.  Just be sure not to over-tighten these bolts since you may make the situation worse.  Older transmissions with cork-type gaskets are prone to leak because of the porosity of the gasket material itself. Add K&W TRANS-X to help these gaskets seal better.

Adding K&W TRANS-X to a transmission with leakage from the shifter seal and extension housing seal or other seals can also slow or eliminate these type of leaks by reconditioning the seals themselves.

Though it sounds like K&W TRANS-X Automatic Transmission Stop Leak is transmission repair-in-a-bottle that can work miracles, it cannot do anything for internal mechanical failures of hard parts like gears, shift valves and other items.  Just the same, its use will benefit many automatic transmissions either during servicing or just trying to get a few more miles out of your favorite car until you are ready to repair or replace.

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