Motorists Can Save Thousands By Repowering Their Engines

A “totaled” engine no longer means having to purchase a new car. Today’s car owners have another option: purchasing a repowered engine.

Repowering simply means installation of a rebuilt or remanufactured engine by your vehicle service provider or the process of rebuilding your existing engine and reinstalling it. Both are alternatives to trading in your vehicle, according to the Engine Repower Council.

Are built engine is one that has been remanufactured to prescribed standards and specifications by highly skilled machinists, using state-of-the-art equipment and components. During this process, many new components are installed that meet or exceed original equipment performance standards.

“Although our industry has been providing rebuilt or remanufactured engines for more than 60 years, very few consumers know the quality, value and savings that rebuilt and remanufactured engines offer,” said ERC Chairman Dave Wooldridge.

“Rebuilt or remanufactured engines carry a strong warranty and are built to exacting specifications using the latest in engine rebuilding equipment and technology,” he said. “Rebuilt or remanufactured engines can, in some cases, even be an improvement over the original engine as factory design and manufacturing flaws can be corrected during the rebuilding process.”

The cost for a remanufactured part is generally 30 percent to 50 percent of what a new part would cost because labor, energy and raw materials are conserved. In general, rebuilt or remanufactured engines offer performance, reliability and a good warranty compared to a used engine, as well as significant cost savings over both used and new vehicles.

The Engine Repower Council is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating consumers about the economic and environmental benefits of rebuilt and remanufactured engines.

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