NASCAR Tips - Shock Absorbers are the Key to a Good Ride

Here are a few tips from professional suspension specialists at NASCAR for the average motorists when dealing with this important but often misunderstood component.

“If there’s a lot of body movement, it’s hard to control the car in turns and it moves a lot when you’re stopping, you’ve got a problem,” says a seasoned NASCAR veteran “You need to replace them right away. You pretty much have what you have, so when they’re used up you need to replace them.”  

There are many quality aftermarket shock absorbers to choose from, when it’s time for replacements.  

“They’re good quality and some are even adjustable’, says our Sprint Cup suspension expert.  “They’ll improve your ride considerably. They cost more, but saving $5 or $10 per shock in a passenger car isn’t a big deal. There are some pretty good OEM [original equipment manufacture] shocks out there, but I would recommend going with an aftermarket product.”  

“The type of shock your car needs depends on what the car is being asked to do on a daily basis.”  

“If you do autocross or something like that with your car, then adjustable is the way to go, but they’re good even for everyday drivers.”    

Tips for keeping track of your shock absorbers:  

  • Push down on the front fender (either side) and release. If the car bounces more than once, it’s time to replace your shocks.  
  • Note any excessive body roll or tire hop when turning the car.  
  • If the front of the car dives when you apply the brakes, then bounces under braking, get to your technician immediately.  
  • If the car appears to bound down the highway, or jumps around after hitting a pothole or speed bump, it’s time to see your technician.  

You may not put your shock package to the test as much as NASCAR Sprint Cup teams do on the track, but having the right shocks on your car is just as important to a smooth ride everyday on the street.   

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