October is Fall Car Care Month

Fall Car Care Month is a great reminder to make sure that your vehicle is ready for winter and up-to-date on all maintenance and repair items.

Taking time out to check on your vehicle’s condition is an important part of taking care of your second largest investment. Results of vehicle check-ups at community car care events across the country last year revealed that 80% of vehicles needed immediate service or parts.

Small steps that you take today can go a long way toward improving the safety and reliability of your vehicle. Regular car care can also help avoid costly repairs down the road, saving you both time and money.

In celebration of Fall Car Care month, many shops across the country will be holding free vehicle check-up events.

Another way to celebrate Fall Car Care Month without even leaving home is to visit the Car Care Council’s free "Car Care Guide" online at www.carcare.org. The guide includes information on service interval schedules, questions to ask your technician and how to increase your vehicle’s fuel economy to save money on gas.

For more useful free content about vehicle maintenance, repair and enhansement visit the Car Care News Service website.


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