Three Fixes for High Gas Prices

Gas prices got you down? Even economy cars can guzzle more than their share if their engines have been neglected. Beyond squandering fuel, poorly maintained engines are notorious for corrupting the environment.

“Much of the problem can be traced to the simplest kind of neglect,” explains Adam Selisker, VP of Technology at CRC industries. “The malfunctions generally can be prevented with scheduled or corrective maintenance.”

Among the culprits that contribute to excessive emissions and poor fuel economy are:
1. Dirty air filters
2. Inoperative O2 Sensors
3. Carbon clogged fuel systems and valves

Referring to reports from National Car Care check stations, in which more than a third of vehicles failed emissions tests, Selisker says, “Clearing out carbon-clogged fuel systems, combustion chambers and valves can help turn a sick engine into one that delivers full power with clean exhaust.”

“Because of its aggressive action, a noticeable improvement usually results from the first application of a high-tech cleaning formula such as CRC Guaranteed to Pass® (“G2P®”) Complete Fuel System Cleaner.”

“Most quality fuels contain additives that help maintain the integrity of fuel systems. The action of a cleaning treatment significantly improves an engine’s performance and emissions level.”

Laboratory tests of internal engine cleaning systems show that the removal of sludge, gum and carbon deposits from the emission control system and internal components such as valve stems and seats significantly improves engine performance. Further improvement can be seen from periodic cleaning of the fuel system.

While containing the maximum allowable chemistry, G2P® is harmless to oxygen sensors and catalytic converters, according to Selisker. If, after use as directed, the vehicle does not pass the state’s emissions test, CRC will refund twice the cost of the product.

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