Windshield Cleaning Products Muscle Away Natures Worst

Modern windshields are designed to protect you and your passengers from just about anything Mother Nature can throw at you, including: rain, snow, ice, insects, bird droppings, road grime, tree sap, and other messy deposits. But that doesn't keep these and other "Forces of Nature" from making one heck of a blurry mess that can make driving difficult or down right dangerous.

Fortunately there's a new line of wiper blades and windshield wash products that are up to the challenge- Mr. Clean Wiper Blades™ and Mr. Clean Windshield Wash™. Available at leading auto stores and mass retailers nationwide, these attention-getting Mr. Clean products represent a significant advance for two product categories that have not seen much in the way of technology advancement in recent years. Developed through a corporate strategic relationship between Old World Industries, makers of PEAK™ Antifreeze, and consumer-products giant Proctor & Gamble, these products represent the first-ever automotive windshield-care from this trusted, 40+ year old iconic brand.

"When products carry the Mr. Clean brand, they must meet or exceed public expectations." says a spokesman for Old World Industries. "That's why we designed and vigorously tested our new Mr. Clean Wiper Blades and Mr. Clean Windshield Wash to ensure that each delivers superior windshield cleaning ability."

Designed to include Procter & Gamble's superior cleaning technology, Mr. Clean Premium Windshield Wash -30ºF both de-bugs and de-ices windshields to provide superior cleaning power and visibility 365 days a year. It is also available in two additional non-deicer SKUs for VOC restricted markets (+20ºF for Texas , Phoenix and Atlanta ; and +32ºF De-Bugger for California ).

Available in a full line of popular sizes from 12” to 28”, Mr. Clean Premium Wiper Blades feature advanced rubber technology utilized on Japanese OEM blades, as well as low profile, aerodynamic frames that install easily and provide super clean wiping in the most diverse weather conditions.

According to Old World Industries, “Mr. Clean is known for the strength of its cleaning ability and in our testing the new Mr. Clean Wiper Blades scored a perfect 10 with no streaking or visible water remaining on the windshield, ” they reported.

Look for these Mr. Clean windshield cleaning products at leading auto parts stores and other fine retailers. For more information on Old World 's new Mr. Clean Wiper Blades and Mr. Clean Windshield Wash products, visit

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