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Brakes Today Feel Much Better than in the Past

Vehicle braking systems have finally received the attention that they have needed for many years. Modern technology has delivered a solution for vehicles that will keep their wheels shining and brake noise to a whisper, while still allowing drivers to experience the performance they expect. Motorists can now start their weekends with a quiet ride around town instead of a morning of scrubbing brake dust off their wheels.

Celebrate National Car Care Month in Five Minutes.

April is National Car Care Month and it’s not too late to leverage the Car Care Council’s national consumer media campaign to help grow your business.

Supporting National Car Care Month doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Just five minutes is all it takes to help your customers learn the safety and economic benefits of regular vehicle care.

Celebrate Earth Day with Your Car

The Car Care Council suggests five ways you and your vehicle can help protect the environment on Earth Day and everyday:


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