How does it work?

100% of CCNS content relates to vehicle maintenance, repair, and enhancement. All of it is copyright-free, and can be redistributed at no cost.

CCNS never force-feeds content in a shotgun approach. Our tens-of-thousands of users seek us out as a time-tested, trusted, and credible source, when they need free content for redistribution to their various audiences.

Typical sponsored content consists of print articles with photos or other supporting graphics. Videos and audio files can be deployed as well, either in support of an article, or as a stand-alone piece.

A sponsor’s material most often calls attention to specific vehicle maintenance, repair, or enhancement issues. Then, the content incorporates how their product or service provides a preferable solution to the problem, in an educational, problem/solution, non-advertorial style.

CCNS content management and deployment can be continuously and instantly accessed, updated, and monitored through our password protected “Sponsor Dashboard”.

Channels and methods utilized to maximize distribution of content?

  • CCNS Web Site
  • CCNS Twitter
  • CCNS Facebook
  • CCNS Linked In
  • CCNS You Tube
  • CCNS Blog
  • CCNS RSS Feeds
  • CCNS Database E-mail Blasts (10,000+)
  • CCNS Search Engine Optimization
  • CCNS Link Sharing
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