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Starting System Problems?

BROADVIEW, IL- September 15, 2014 – Before attempting any diagnosis of a vehicle’s starting system, be sure that the battery is properly charged and that all the connections are clean, free of corrosion and tight.

If the engine starts poorly or not at all, check the engine compression, ignition and fuel system.

If the engine cranks slowly or not at all, perform the following checks while cranking to diagnose a possible fault.

Torque and Gap- Critical to Spark Plug Performance

BROADVIEW, IL- August 11, 2014 – Installing spark plugs on late-model vehicles with high-tech engines requires precision and care.

Apply the proper torque

First, know the torque specification for that plug and using a torque wrench, tighten the plug to the proper foot pound of pressure. All Bosch Spark Plug packages, for example, specify a foot-pound torque rating that needs to be applied using a torque wrench.

Tips for Spark Removal

BROADVIEW, IL- May 15, 2015 – The spark plug is a key engine system component: it serves to create the electric spark which ignites the compressed air-fuel mixture in an engine cylinder to fire up the engine. A properly functioning spark plug helps reliable starting, guarantees that there is no misfiring, and operates under extreme conditions. Removal or installation of spark plugs on modern vehicles requires extreme precision and care.

New Bosch Coil Design for BMWs

As part of the comprehensive Bosch strategy to help equip the automotive workforce of the future in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, The Bosch Aftermarket Division and Automotive Service Solutions Division have built relationships with a variety of technical schools and provide advice and counsel on curricula, encourage mentorships and apprenticeships, and donate a variety of diagnostic tools and automotive aftermarket products to support schools in their various educational efforts.

New Product Communication- June 2015

BROADVIEW, IL.- June 10, 2015  – Robert Bosch LLC, worldwide supplier of automotive parts to vehicle manufacturers and the independent aftermarket, announces that it has enlarged its portfolio of products. Specifically, for June 2015, new SKUs have been added to Bosch brakes and rotating machines, and coverage has been expanded on select oil filters and wiper blades. A total of 71 part numbers are featured.

Bosch Blue Brake Pads

Jimmie Johnson Earns Hendrick Marrow Program Additional Contribution from Bosch Aftermarket

BROADVIEW, IL.- April 15, 2015 – Six-time NASCAR® Sprint Cup Series™ champion Jimmie Johnson drove his Bosch-equipped No. 48 Lowe’s Pro Services Chevrolet SS to his 72nd career Sprint Cup Series victory in Saturday night’s Duck Commander 500 at Texas Motor Speedway. It was Johnson’s second victory of the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup season.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Win Earns Hendrick Marrow Program Third Bosch Aftermarket NA Donation

BROADVIEW, IL.- May 5, 2015 – Dale Earnhardt Jr. drove his Bosch-equipped No. 88 Nationwide Chevrolet SS to victory lane during Sunday’s Sprint Cup Series event at Talladega Superspeedway. In recognition of Earnhardt’s victory, Bosch Aftermarket NA is contributing a third $1,000 donation to the Hendrick Marrow Program.


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